Non-Fluorescent DABCYL Dyes

AAT Bioquest manufactures photometric detections including absorption (color),
fluorescence and luminescence technologies.

Zhenjun Diwu, Ph.D.

DNA sequence

What Genprice supplies to Molecular Biology Labs:

  • Dye Succinimidyl Esters
  • Dye Sulfonyl ChloridesFluorescent Dye for Labeling Oligonucleotides
  • Coumarin Dyes
  • Fluorescein Dyes
  • Rhodamine Dyes
  • California Red™ and SunRed™, Superior Replacements for Texas Red® and Texas Red
  • Cyanine Dyes
  • Tide Fluor™ Dyes, Optimized for Labeling Oligonucleotides
  • Dye Selection Guide for Preparing Fluorescent Oligonucleotides with Desired Excitation and Emission Properties
  • FRET Oligonuleotides and Their Applications
  • Non-Fluorescent DABCYL Dyes
  • Tide Quencher™Dyes, Optimized for Maximizing FRET Efficiency
Research and Development of Immunization Vaccine Against Corona Virus

Dye Phosphoramidites for Solid Phase Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Moste used Quencher Dyes

  1. California Red™
  2. Helix Fluor™
  3. iFluor™
  4. SunRed™
  5. Tide Fluor™
  6. Tide Quencher™
Synthesis lab

Standard RNA DNA Dyes

  1. Alexa Fluor® (Invitrogen)
  2. BHQ® (Biosearch Technologies)
  3. Cy2®, Cy3®, Cy5®, Cy5.5® and Cy7® (GE Healthcare)
  4. DyLight™ (ThermoFisher)
  5. IRDye® (LI-COR)
  6. QSY® (Life Technologies)
  7. QXL™ (AnaSpec)
  8. Texas Red® (Invitrogen)

Abbreviations in Dye Research Labs

  1. Ab: Absorption
  2. CF: Correction factor
  3. DMF: Dimethylformamide
  4. DMSO: Dimethylsulfoxide
  5. EC: Extinction coefficient
  6. Em: Emission
  7. Ex: Excitation
  8. FACS: Fluorescence-associated cell sorting
  9. FAM: Carboxyfluorescein
  10. FITC: Fluorescein isothiocyanate
  11. FRET: Fluorescence resonance energy transfer
  12. NHS: N-Hydroxysuccinimide
  13. PCR: Polymerase chain reaction
  14. ROX: X-rhodamine
  15. SC: Sulfonyl chloride
  16. SE: Succinimidyl ester
  17. TAMRA: Carboxytetramethylrhodamine
  18. TF: Tide Fluor™
  19. TRF: Time resolved fluorescence
  20. TQ: Tide Quencher™
  21. TR: Texas Red®
  22. Base Symbols
  23. A: Adenine
  24. C: Cytosine
  25. G: Guanine
  26. T: Thymine
  27. U: Uracil
Molecular Dyes
Dye synthesis